KBS the most trusted and
influential public service media in Korea

Korean Broadcasting System

KBS is the key public service media of Korea, whose history goes back to Kyeongseong Broadcasting Corporation established in 1927 that aired the first radio signals in Korea. On the enriched soil of its predecessors, Seoul Central Broadcasting founded in 1947 after the Independence and started TV broadcasting in 1961, KBS has transformed to a public service broadcaster in 1973, to play a pivotal role of fair and trustworthy media.

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Korea's #1 Channel and Public Broadcaster KBS.
Founded in 1927 as Kyeongsong Broadcasting Corporation,
and established as a public broadcaster in 1973.
KBS has always been with the nation through its historical moments.
KBS drama series are at the heart of the Korean Wave.
KBS dramas have been leading the K-drama craze, elevating the status of Korean dramas as a global media format.
Through different genres that diverse age groups from all backgrounds can enjoy
KBS dramas have earned their popularity with the nation's viewers
and have demonstrated the strength of KBS programming.
KBS dramas become a part of history.
With faithful research of historical records and facts, KBS has been carrying on the tradition of historical dramas.
KBS was the first to produce fact-based dramas
opening up a new era for period dramas.
The world has already been focusing on KBS' well-made documentaries.
Based on fresh ideas leading the way to the future and vivid on-site coverage, our documentary production
provides the driving force for KBS to become a public broadcaster representing the world.
Music Bank is home to K-pop.
Music Bank is now spreading Hallyu further, influencing audiences not only in Korea but the world over.
KBS entertainment and variety shows have made the Korean people laugh and cry.
Now the format is being exported abroad for the global audience to enjoy.
With fair and unbiased reporting, KBS news has maintained its top spot in terms of influence and credibility from the nation.
As the primary broadcaster for disaster and emergencies, KBS protects the Korean people and nation's assets through swift and accurate reports.
KBS sports brings the nation together for major sporting events, delivering the joy and excitement of the games .
The archives of the KBS Special Live Broadcast "Finding Dispersed Families," documenting the tragedy of Koreans separated and dispersed by war
was recognized for its value and inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.
KBS delivers the values of public broadcasting through moving contents.
With quality programs acknowledged on the international stage,
KBS is proving its contents production capabilities to the world.
KBS is a leader in UHDTV broadcasting and has been strengthening smart platforms.
As a multi-platform contents provider, KBS will go beyond TV to create contents that can rock the world.
In a rapidly changing world,
KBS will continue to communicate with the audience to open up a brighter future together.
KBS always puts the audience first!

KBS Broadcast Policy 2021

to commit to public missions and to deliver the best value of TV licence fee

Priorities for 2021

  1. 01 Maintaining the status of KBS
    as the most trusted Public Service
    Media in the country

  2. 02 Continuing efforts to seek ways
    to fulfill the KBS’ core
    responsibilities as the primary
    emergency service broadcaster

  3. 03 Providing audiences with relevant
    and insightful programming to serve
    as a public forum for sound national
    discussions on key emerging issues

  4. 04 Enhancing the KBS’ reputation
    as a creative powerhouse
    for quality production by delivering
    world class, outstanding content

  5. 05 Providing opportunities for
    the nation to enjoy and share
    messages of hope through KBS’
    programs and services amid
    COVID-19 challenges

  6. 06 Leading a new media paradigm with
    multi-platform content strategies

  7. 07 Bringing extraordinary coverage
    of major sporting events as a way
    to maintain the KBS’ continued
    commitment to national unity

  8. 08 Contributing efforts to the
    balanced development between
    metropolitan and regional areas

  9. 09 Developing sustainable strategies
    to lead creation of Korean cultural
    content and promote values
    of Korea to the world

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