KBS the most trusted and
influential public service media in Korea

Korean Broadcasting System

KBS is the key public service media of Korea, whose history goes back to Kyeongseong Broadcasting Corporation established in 1927 that aired the first radio signals in Korea. On the enriched soil of its predecessors, Seoul Central Broadcasting founded in 1947 after the Independence and started TV broadcasting in 1961, KBS has transformed to a public service broadcaster in 1973, to play a pivotal role of fair and trustworthy media.

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New KBS, Delivering Impartiality and Innovation

Top Priorities for KBS in 2024

  1. 01 Maintain impartiality and trust

  2. 02 Protect Korea from disasters

  3. 03 Improve digital content to enhance competitiveness and drive influence and profitability

  4. 04 Be recognized for upholding
    the values of public broadcasting
    through content that embodies
    the identity of KBS

  5. 05 Promote unity through sports broadcasting that reaches
    the entire nation

  6. 06 Reinforce the profile of Korean content through strategic global marketing

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