Introducing the journey of KBS

1927 - 1988
  • 1927Began radio broadcasts (JODK)
  • 1947Call sign “HL” assigned by ITU for Korea,
    KBS (Seoul Central Broadcasting Station) established
  • 1948Began national broadcasting
  • 1961Began television broadcasts
  • 1973Founded Korea Broadcasting System (KBS), launch of public
    service broadcasting
  • 1980Began colored television broadcasts, implemented broadcast advertising
  • 1985Implemented bilingual broadcasting
  • 1986Broadcaster in charge of Asian Games
  • 1988Broadcaster in charge of Seoul Olympic Games
1990 - 2004
  • 1990Established KBS Broadcasting Code of Conduct
  • 1994Reformed licensing fee system (Korean consignment collection), 1TV became free of ads
  • 1995Began internet broadcasting
  • 1997Hosted 34th Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Seoul assembly
  • 2000Established KBS Radio 3 Voice of Love FM. Began KBS Radio 2 FM
  • 2001Began terrestrial digital TV broadcasting
  • 2002Official broadcaster of Korea-Japan World Cup, broadcaster of Busan Asian Games
  • 2003Began international satellite broadcast KBS World, established KBS Code of Ethics
  • 2004Adopted team system, readjusted functions of 9 regional stations and 9 branch offices
2005 - 2019
  • 2005Broadcaster of APEC 2005 KOREA, established KBS terrestrial
  • 2006MMS (Multi Mode Service) experimental broadcast
  • 2007Terrestrial DMB implemented nationwide, hosted Public Broadcasters International assembly
  • 2010Broadcaster of G20 Seoul Summit
  • 20113D relay broadcast of Daegu World Championships in Athletics
  • 2012Broadcaster of Expo 2012 Yeosu
  • 201360th anniversary of national broadcasting, 10th anniversary of KBS World
  • 2014Broadcaster of Pope Francis s visit, broadcaster of
    ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, WORLD 24 overseas service established
  • 2015Special live broadcast Finding Dispersed Families registered on UNESCO Memory of the World Programme (second broadcasted footage on list)
  • 2016Decision made to permit terrestrial UHD broadcast business
  • 2017World’s first original airing of UHD program on a terrestrial network
  • 2018Host Broadcaster of the Inter-Korean Summit 2018
  • 2019Host Broadcaster of ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit in Busan 2019

    Reinforced Emergency Broadcasting System & Established 24 Hour Sign Language Broadcasting in 2019