2019-2021 Medium-to-Long
Term Planning

Medium-to-Long Term Goals

KBS puts the best efforts to be the influential public service media across time, place and generation.
Beyond the bounds of TV and Radio broadcasting, KBS will carry out the responsibilities of public service media on various platforms and formats.

Representative Public Media of South Korea Trust, Creativity, Innovation KBS

5 Goals

the Key public service media of Korea Trust,Creativity,Innovation KBS
01 Trust Beyond

Innovation in journalism and debates on a wider socio-economic agenda will be
instrumental in securing an unrivaled trust from viewers for KBS as a 'final verifier of
information' and 'social compass’.

02 Competitive

KBS strives to maximize the competitive influence of its content by developing creative
content for public purpose and fostering killer content.

03 Content Far

Public platforms based on mobile and online will be strengthened, and digital content
with interactive fun enjoyed by a young generation will be encouraged in order to
accelerate the reach of KBS content.

04 Transformation
to global media

As a global media company KBS will cultivate content that can be enjoyed by the world
through an international broadcasting exchange, and will provide Korean perspectives
through an expansion of KBS World TV and Radio.

05 Towards
a creative

The key to the creative organization flexible to adapt and lead in the fast changing media
environment is a content-oriented structure, the efficient use of resources, and a securing
of a stable financial sources.

12 Missions and Medium-to-Long Term Plans

Term Goals
Representative Public Media of South Korea Trust, Creativity, Innovation KBS
5 Goals
  • Trust Beyond
  • Competitive
  • Content Far
  • Transformation
    to global media
  • Towards
    a creative
12 Missions Specific projects for each mission
  • Trust Beyond Compare Emphasis:KBS Journalism innovation ,Wider Social and economic agenda,Audience-oriented System
  • Competitive Influence Maximized Emphasis:The Best content competitiveness
  • Content Far Reaching Emphasis:Evolve into public service media,Strengthen digital content,Enhance future generation targeting
  • Transformamation to Global Media Emphasis:Global content production and distribution,strengthen international broadcasting
  • Towards a creative organization Emphasis:Content-Oriented Organization,Build efficiently Operating System,Secure stable Resources

Achieve a mid term goal by implementing 5 sub goals and 12 tasks5

2019-2021 Medium-to-LongTerm Plans